There is one big issue I have with WordPress. There is too much of people writing and people reading it, but not enough discussion. I doubt this will provoke much interest but I would like to formally make this post a hub for discussion, anything, fuck it, tell me about what you had for dinner or how much a certain someone gets on your nerves. I don’t expect much, but anyone willing – fire away, anyone unwilling – go to hell.

Hello there.

Yet again, my absence from the world of wordpress has not gone unnoticed. I have recently just finished a major assignment in regards to my degree, and you could say it has engulfed my attention – to say the least. Anyway, I’m back, for the foreseeable future, or until the next distraction snatches my consideration from the blogging community. So, what has changed? At the end of the day, we are all capable of neglect, for instance this blog has slipped under my radar for the previous few months. But time waits for no one does it? It is human nature to meander through this life, living in an unconscious state of acquiescence, ignoring matters that are better dealt with and maintaining a sense of paradoxical content. Within our subliminal minds we continue with existence – surviving, but with cretinous negligence to things that potentially matter more than we let on. Family, communication, in-acceptance of issues that will never go away. I could abandon this blog for instance and it would decay into an archival abyss of forgotten documents. But what about the aspects of our life that are more obligatory, more poignant and won’t be mended without conscious resolve.



The moral here is that we must grasp reality before the miracle of life we are blessed with slips between our fingers and is lost within the onward surge of time. Do not be afraid to confront your demons, don’t cower away from your dreams and seize each day, cliche or not, as if it is your last. Time is the only common adversary of mankind. Time is the only hindrance of our presence which is certified. Time will wait for no one, so insist that you stamp your mark on it.

I know its too late in the night when…

I know its too late in the night when…I listen to overly emotional and meaningful songs.

I know its too late in the night when…I am checking the fridge for food I was aware of minutes before.

I know its too late in the night when…I blog.

I know its too late in the night when…I think about going to bed constantly but find more reasons not too.

I know its too late in the night when…I get work done.

I know its too late in the night when…I am my only company.

I know its too late in the night when…The stars are beginning to make way for the sun.

I know its too late in the night when…I have smoked a deck of cigarettes.

I know its too late in the night when…The deaf assistance lady comes on the TV.

I know its too late in the night when…I am watching repeats of 80′s TV shows (that weren’t even good in the 80s).

I know its too late in the night when…I am watching a 3 hour long quiz/game show.

I know its too late in the night when…My eyelids are heavy but I drink coffee to fight for the cause.

I know its too late in the night when…People are getting up for work.

I know its too late in the night when…I am writing a post about how I know its too late to be up.




Not many people get life do they? Or maybe life doesn’t get us? Maybe life is the real devils advocate and throws us those inappropriate curveballs, especially at those times when your already on strike two. Unquestionably we are all searching for different callings in life. Some of us wish to be multi millionaires – successful, nice car, nice house, nice holidays. Others wish to find enlightenment – a sense of general content and well being. Various people gamble their faith on religion, take a step into the unknown and bank their fate on higher powers. But I think its fair to say we all face similar anomalies along the way? Emotion, relationships, guidelines. Surely nobody can entirely fulfil life in the sense of overall bliss. After all, some of the most successful people I know are the unhappiest.



Life can be personified as a journey – an uphill climb until a heartbeat ceases to exist. Along the way, even in the most subdued cases we confront various certainties. Love and heartbreak, success and failure, elation and disappointment. But it is how we deal with these paradoxes that moulds our character and defines who we are, not fate or destiny, but strong will and direction. If you want something badly enough, it is yours to have. If you desire a vision with a strong enough intent then the reality of it becoming something of substance is your responsibility. But how many of us dream but do not strive? They say we should all do something every day that scares us, which is a nice concept, but can we emotionally and physically pursue such feats. 



My perception of what matters in life has changed. Once upon a time I dreamt of materialistic fulfilment – the ‘American dream’. As I have matured however all i now wish for is happiness, good health and a mutually fortunate family. There is too much grief in the world to account for my own downfalls, the insignificance of my personal troubles are incomparable to some of the nightmarish realities that some call life. I will endeavour for success and perfection but continuously remain humble in my blessed circumstances. The only thing I would ever wish is that humanity was more humane and that people would spare a moment for others, for those who’s impression of life may be tarnished with a different brush. Usually a brush limited to an easel of only red and black tones. 

What is it, that makes you smile?Is it

What is it, that makes you smile?

Is it basking in sunlight, or running a mile?

Raising your spawn – with a lock tight  embrace?

Or piercing your nose and tattooing your face?

Everyones different, some even go to war,

Fighting for country, they couldn’t ask for more!

Some people travel – all over the lands,

Some only desire for a ring on their hand.

Lots wish to study, and graduate with pride,

Others wish for a road and a motorcycle to ride.

Some stare at stars and wonder in awe,

Others will believe in a religion – their call.

Most wish to breathe, every day is a blessing,

Some make thoughts clear and others leave us guessing.

The smiles we show, caused by possibilities so vast,

So heres to more for the future, and some more for the past.

Its been a while.

So I haven’t blogged for some time. I guess you could say I’ve been between a rock and a hard place – or you could say I have just been managing reality. Work, studying, bills. But who am I to complain hey! Some people are in far more unfortunate situations, and some less deservingly so. I have been thinking a lot about optimism lately. As the cliche goes, are you a glass half full or half empty kind of person? I vary day to day, today for instance I woke up and decided that my life could be a lot worse, I am healthy, I am relatively youthful and have a decent amount of prospects going for me. I am in work, I have opportunities and I have people to mutually love. I know some individuals who despite being in many more difficult dilemmas than myself have remained positive, kept their chins high and therefore left an incredibly contagious attitude. How difficult is it to ‘look on the bright side of life’? Sometimes we all need a reality check, a reminder that whilst the birds are singing, the sun is shining and the world prevails to be beautiful – we should all continue to walk with a swing in our step. Yeah sure, things could be better, material objects could be at our disposal, money could come easy and relationships prove a breeze. But hey, where would the gratification in life come from if everything was spoon fed to us? We should all challenge our character. Do something that scares us, keep our mind activated, do something productive and satisfying. Take a drive, take a walk, write a book, look around you, cherish those you love, write a blog? Blogging certainly channels some kind of energy, until you have a month off due to severe writers block like me as of late. But as the reborn eternal optimist I stay true and state that the months absence has merely been my way of composing more material. The devil on my shoulder thinks its a crock of shit though.